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bleh, i wrote the whole thing down and it got lost somewhere when i got disconnected...

welp, one more time =P

day 1 (3/31/03)

gregg dropped us off at the union station. apparently we were s'pposed ot get there more than an hour earlier if we wanted to transport bicycles but they were cool and let us through. we spent the majority of the ride in the lounge and everything went pretty smooth tho the food was hecka expensive. jesse met his friend hide (pronounced hee day) who was going back to sb from spring break. it was interesting listening to hide talk in japanese and jesse replying in english. mindfuck. so 10 hours later, we arrive in oakland, and we took the bart to daly city where we stayed at a youth hostel. sf is sweet. smoking manholes, kids playing b-ball in the streets, hobos askin for change and not cursing your cheapness...

and i saw this in a popular science magazine at the youth hostel. *drool*

day 2 (4/1/03)

we got up around 9ish, and ate breakfast at this one donutshop/cafe place. there was this guy who's apparently a regular there who walked in laughing "yummy for my tummy!" and "no money no honey!" it became a little thing we'd say every morning fer breakfast throughout the trip.
so we spent some time biking around sf before hitting up the 1 and we ended up in pescadero where we had burritos and hitched jesses tent somewhere outta site from the highway. this is where i realized that sundown meant bedtime and that night meant it's gunna be REAL FUGGIN COLD! it was a terrible mistake assuming my big jacket could replace a sleeping bag. my chest (whatever the heck is wrong with it) didn't help. the rain didn't help much either. we did like 40 miles that day...

day 3 (4/2/03)

the day started at sunrise when we packed up our stuff before anyone saw us. we were on the road by 8.
in santa cruz, (1127 soquel ave... don't ask me how i remember!) jesse and i got lights and he picked up some parts to sleekify his bike. we called it a day in moss landing since it was getting dark and there didn't seem to be anything interestin too close ahead. it rained again that night.

distance pedaled: ~50+ miles.

day 4 (4/3/03)

well, the two nights of rain washed off the lube on my chain so i spent some time cleaning and lubing. then jesse got his bike some panniers which took some more time to install. basically we couldn't do much riding this day and after everything was cleaned, bought, strapped, prepped, and eaten, we decided to push on as far as we can before sunset and hopefully make it to big sur.

we didn't expect to encounter steeeeeep mountains and people who shared their pleasures...

at one point, we came across this one guy who looked kinda disgruntled and out of it (whom we named "the Other Max" for reasons i totally forgot) but we paid him no attention til this car stopped and his wife pops out askin if we'd seen him. yes we have and we crossed him like an hour ago headed thataway.

it was getting dark and we decided to walk the windy parts of the mountains with our new lights on. at some point, we started joking around and i bet jesse a buck that someone'd offer us a ride tonight. i didn't expect to win and i only did it to even out whatever i owed him for train tix to $100. moments later, this guy in an black suv stops and asks if we needed help. when we declined he offered some "big sur greens" while pulling out a peice. *blink* sure. thanx! while i'm not a smoker, this still is my vacation. he said his name was jared and that he was on his way home from his girlfriends or something. so he packed one for us and was on his way.
so we were walking around high for a while, jesse yabbering away some nonsense and me with a stupid grin/frown when i announce that munchies sound good. as we were stuffing ourselves with mothers blasters (everyone should try this shit), Other Max's wife pulls over and asks us if we've seen him again. she tells us about how his sister died and there was some argument and how he went off on his own and hadn't come back for hours. then she took a good look at us and quickly wished us a safe trip and parted.

thats when i started getting paranoid. we... weren't stoned. that weed was laced!

eh, whateva. so we kept walking and eventually, this small bus with colorful lights stopped in front of us. after a brief exchange, we threw our bikes in the back and they drove us to some campgrounds in bigs sur (and i won the bet =P woo!). they were actually a class on their "semester on the road", kinda like a nice long field/road trip and they were on their way back from taking a sick kid to the hospital.

so we unsoberly got a bike campsite, threw the tent and curled up inside. for a bit, i was wondering if i imagined all this and what i should do if we woke up the next morning on the street without our bikes and stuff...

this was prolly the most eventful day of the trip. there were some awesome views and, dammit, those blasters cookies were good :)

distance traveled: 46 miles (according to mapquest)

day 5 (4/4/03)

the rain didn't stop til around 11 pm and when it did, i found a lot of my junk i forgot outside drenched. there was this guy mike who was camping next to us who shared stories about his adventues. i think we all know some random homeless guy who seems to have been to more places than he can afford.
"it's not the mans age that's his milage" -mike (i think)

i'll remember that one.
so we were back on the road by 12:30. once again, great views, fair weather, suppportive winds and half the time we were pedalling downhill. despite all that stuff in our favor, we stopped after a few hours and set up camp at kirk creek. jesse picked the site that was big and had firewood left over from the previous campers. we tried lighting it but it was cold, dark, and windy. THIS musta been the coldest night!

milage: 29

day 6 (4/5/03)

it was either stay in the tent and freeze, or get out, move around, and face the chilling winds. apparently, a sleeping bag didn't help jesse much either. next time, i'll come prepared!

so we got up and dilly dallied for a bit. a bottle of hand sanitizer labeled "FLAMMABLE" got me trying to get the campfire started again and eventually, it was ablaze =P

so after more messing around, we finally got off our asses and headed southbound again. i think it was in san simeon where we met this one girl who claimed to have figured out a new system for categorizing things which would eventually lead to a true form of AI. i remember she mentioned being behind or but i can't seem to find it anywhere...

so yah, next stop was cambria, where we had lunch. i got this italian sandwich that turned out to be a huge monster between bread. i was STUFFED. that was kinda where we decided to end the trip and call up tim to pick us up. jesse seemed cool with it but i was in need of a shower and we were both tired. final destination: morro bay!

now, throughout this trip i felt i was the one pushing jesse on, trying to adjust my pace to his, zooming ahead on steep climbs, and waiting on the top only to zoom back down. but he smoked me on this last ride to morro bay. i don't know where he got the energy but, dammit, i was eatin dust all the way. we met tim at this place where jesse said they served bomb clam chowder just as the sun was setting.

overall, this was THE best trip i've had. i kinda wanna do it again, this time take more time and go all the way. i'll make sure to have a sleepin bag, hopefully a bigger tent, and keep my health in check before the trip.
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